Two Starting Points

The ever-puzzling situation for new music (i.e. works written by living or recent composers) is that it is accounted for in only a small fraction of concert programmes in the United Kingdom, a fact that is reflected in the number of blogs on the subject.

Nevertheless, here are two such blogs:

Music Of Our Epoch

Lauren Redhead

The first is a pleasure to read, focusing primarily on the discovery and discussion of new music that the author deems worthy of sharing. Largely unknown composers sit alongside bigger names in the ‘Ear Candy’ section. Below is a link to a fantastic deconstruction (from a conductor’s point of view) on Hans Abrahamsen’s beautiful extended work, Schnee:

Music Of Our Epoch – Discovering Recent Masterworks – Abrahamsen’s Schnee

The depth and positivity of the post is a refreshing break from the usual points of discussion on contemporary music, namely the plethora of practical, financial and social issues facing the art form.

However,  these things being important, they frequently raise their ugly heads in Redhead’s blog. The post below treads over old ground but offers some very interesting thoughts and insights.

Lauren Redhead – Who Are The Audience For Contemporary Music?


Hopefully this blog, too, can open up a somewhat closed world and not simply lament about a sorry state of affairs from the sidelines.

So, here is a wonderful choral excerpt from Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen:



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